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Welcome to Agneyfarm

About Us!

Agneyfarm is a network of miners, blockchain developers and financial analyst.

Our company are passionate to create a sustainable blockchain technologies that will work towards making Agneyfarm the best alternative investment solution to grow your online investment portfolio.

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Our Features


Decentralized Crypto Mining Network

Anonymous & encrypted

Our website are SSL secured to ensure all information through are server are protected

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Large scale mining

Agneyfarm are able to scale upto 1800 asic machines, Flexible to meet investors demand

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Easy to get started

Start earning within a minute - signing up is fast and easy you only need a valid email address

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Research & Development

Using our AI mining protocol "BenchX™" we automatically mine the most profitble coin

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Lightning fast withdrawal

No more waiting time to get your withdrawal - Click withdraw & get paid instantly

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Get upto $5000

Share your referral link & get upto 8% commission on 3 levels (5%,2%,1%)

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Investment Packages

We offer wide range of investment packages that are suited with your risk apetite

Plan 1


1 year 2.4% daily
  • $0.00 - $100.00
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Plan 2


100 days 3.4% daily
  • $101.00 - $1000.00
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Plan 3


30 days deposit. 150%
  • $1001.00 and more
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Reliable Investment Plans

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